Designs specially for your feet!

Paraboot’s designs major on noble materials, details that are just right – and being kind to your feet. Shoes should fit the foot, not the other way round! Our no-nonsense models are the result of our tireless quest for balance and simplicity.



We’re constantly revisiting Paraboot’s iconic models, seeking to explore new territories whilst remaining attentive to our customers and their changing lifestyles. Here at Paraboot we believe the shoes you wear should be a reflection of your personality. We design each of our models to be an artistic embodiment of values and lifestyle: elegance, non-conformism, commitment, fun – whatever does it for you.
Now all you have to do is find the right Paraboot for your lifestyle!

In the beginning: the last


Whatever else we change, we always start from the same place: our models are designed using a foot-shaped shoe tree. The last is what gives shoes their final appearance. Our designers start by using a last as a basis on which to develop the style they’re seeking for a new model. The pattern has to be perfectly in keeping with the profile of the shoe tree. The upper pieces are shaped on the last, and then reproduced flat.

Challenges for healthy feet

The foot is the equivalent of the hand: it has as many bones, nerves and blood vessels – besides, it bears the weight of our body and is subject to constant stress. Poor shoes, or shoes that don’t fit the shape of your feet, can cause a lot of different complaints. So the quality of shoes is essential. At first glance, Paraboot shoes may look a bit stiff, but shoes need to be “broken in” to become truly yours. Featuring reinforcements and hard toes, all our shoes are designed to fit the shape and build of your feet. Our brand is recommended by chiropodists.

Did you know

For those with small and large shoe sizes.

Using all its knowhow, Paraboot makes women’s shoes in sizes 35 to 42, and men’s in sizes 38 to 50. Our brand meets the needs of all men and women today, using age-old bootmakers’ techniques.