Hand-sewn shoes

Lovers of beautiful fine quality products, we have remained loyal to the traditional hand-sewn techniques. This consists of stitching a leather band ( welt ), that attaches the upper shoe to the inner and outer sole.


Hand-sewn shoes have varying properties, depending on the technique used. In addition to their traditional look, this type of stitching has genuine advantages over "cemented sole" construction:

  • The upper is not "blocked", and the shoe fits the specific shape of your foot more comfortably.
  • Air can circulate more freely, which helps get rid of perspiration.
  • Depending on the technique used, it is often possible to resole these shoes, increasing their lifetime. And as long as the leather is good quality, buying hand-sewn shoes is an environmentally responsible form of consumption!

All about shoes

With features including stretch, welt, flesh side, upper, grain, and more, shoes are a far more technical product than they may appear.
Keen to find out more about specific shoe vocabulary? Consult our glossary!

Did you know

Technical shoes involve a whole different skill set!

Paraboot’s expert craftsmanship means it can comply with extremely stringent specifications. Our family-based business designs – and still produces – shoes for different professions with specific needs, from motorbike boots and ice skates to hiking boots and mountaineering boots, with our Galibier, Parachoc and Parasport brands.
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