Looking after your Paraboots

Leather is a noble, living material. Selected for their excellence, Paraboot leathers will provide you with complete satisfaction, in terms of comfort, appearance and durability. You simply need to take care of your shoes. Here are a few care instructions...


Perspiration and rain are the enemies of leather. A non-varnished shoe tree will absorb any dampness from your shoes, keep their shape and increase their lifetime.
After wearing them, always place your shoes on non-varnished shoe trees and leave them open to the air at room temperature (always away from sources of heat). In rainy or snowy weather, clean them with clear water to avoid white marks appearing on the upper. If your leather-soled shoes become wet, leave them to dry on their sides to allow the water to run off more easily. In addition, to increase the lifetime of your shoes and for the wellbeing of your feet, we recommend not wearing the same pair several days running.

Well before you notice that your shoes are becoming damaged, take the time to take care of them regularly. To do so properly, you’ll need to follow a number of simple steps. First, remove the dirt from the leather by brushing and cleaning it with a damp cloth. Once it's dry again, apply a cleaning product suitable for the type of leather. Good quality leather behaves like skin: cleaning, polishing (if possible with natural polish), greasing (sparingly) or applying hydrating cream for more delicate leathers are all good ways of embellishing and strengthening your shoes. For these operations to have full effect, note that it's preferable to leave leather to rest for several hours; this allows the products to act in depth – and the sheen will be all the more beautiful when the product applied has had time to dry. Lastly, if your shoes have leather soles, it’s a good idea to grease these to make them flexible and waterproof.

Two recommendations to finish: don’t wear your shoes immediately after polishing them; and always use a shoe horn to avoid weakening the stiffeners and wearing out the heel seams.

Use the right shoe care products


Choose from our broad range of Paraboot products and accessories to make the right choice for your shoes. There are polishes, greases, creams, essential oils and waterproofing products that have been specially designed to soften, improve and sublimate the quality of our leathers. Seek advice in our stores, from our independent retailers or from our approved shoe repairers.

Having your Paraboots repaired

We've applied all our knowhow to making your Paraboot shoes and know just how much you love them – so we're proud to recommend our network of approved shoe repairers.

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